Eclipse to SFDX migration

It is always cumbersome to move between IDE and also keep track of new enhancements. Hence i thought i throw some light on few items to take care when migrating your code from eclipse folder structure to SFDX deployments.

List of errors that you may encounter:

null is not a supported form factor.

If you face this error, then it is because of below reasons:

  • You have used Lightning Record page as override for a standard / custom object.
  • You accidentally removed <formfactor>Large</formfactor> tag from the App page meta.xml

Property ‘pageTemplate’ not valid in version 45.0

This is because of your flexipages a.k.a App / Record Pages have the below line which is no longer valid in new release.


If you find the above line in your flexipage meta.xml, then replace it with the below one and you should be good to deploy.


Property ‘tab’ not valid in version 45.0

This error occurs due to the same kind of tag as explained above for ‘pageTemplate’. But the error will occur due to your app-meta.xml file having the below line in bold:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<CustomApplication xmlns=”“>
     <description>Start Here</description>

If you find the above highlighted line in your xml file, then replace <tab> with <tabs> which should fix your issue.

Hope your deployments go through smoothly with the above tips.

Published by Sunil Madana

Passionate about Salesforce Platform with 4+ Years of experience as Administrator, Developer and Consultant. Happy to share my experiences with all. Worked for different industries types and have working knowledge on building complex and generic lightning components. #trailheadlover and always love to try new features released on Salesforce platform and helps others with the same.

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